Reaching 1 Billion Chinese Customers

China is the biggest E-commerce market in the world, bigger than the USA and Europe combined

Market your business and products on the biggest social networks, Search Engines and E-commerce platforms in China with Wudi technologies

Tencent Wechat
Sina Weibo
Alibaba Tmall

Get results for every penny spent

Date driven ads services provide clear insight about your ROI

Accurate targeting
We can select your audience based on hobbies, age, gender, sports, location, and many more. Only show your ads to potential customers.
Precise budget control
From small to big budgets, anytime. You have total control of how much you want to spend on ads and when.
Easily quantify results
Our weekly reports will give you invaluable insight into how your ads are performing. You know exactly what's going on.
Keep growing
All the new leads, emails, phone numbers, subscribers will be recycled and re-targeted. Enable your business to grow continuously.