How to deliver the orders and take care of after-sales

1. Our system will collect orders from all the platforms and centralize them, then synchronize them back to your system, including return, refund, exchange. You will be able to see all the actions taken from the backend.
So in the end, your order process will remain completely unchanged.

2. International logistic You need to find a logistics company who can ship the orders to China. There are many out there.

3. Depending on your product, Chinese customers may need to pay the customs fee, but don't worry, they know it.

4. If a customer needs return or exchange, they will go to us. We have a warehouse for this.
Return & refund: return to our warehouse. We will check the returned item and keep it for you until it is purchased by another customer.
* You send this new order again, we keep the old item.
* If the old item is intact, we will sell it again.
* If the item not in a condition to be sold, we have three options for you:
* Destroy it to protect your brand (we will send you a video as proof of its destruction)
* Collect it and send it back to you.
* Selling it as a defective product.

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