How to connect Shopify store with Wechat Mini Program

Imagine you have a Shopify store,  You have all the products on it, now you wanna sell to China.

There is a simple solution is just use Shopify as the backend to lunch your Wechat store.

We should know that if you wanna get into Chinses Market, you need Wechat Mini App or APPs, only websites are not working.

To-do List:

  • Fetching Products
  • Fetching Collections
  • Handle filters and sorting
  • Handle searching
  • Create Orders via Wechat Mini app
  • Create a Shopify user after login with Wechat.
  • Sync WeChat users profile to Shopify
  • Sync Wechat address to Shopify

and more…

But questions are how to get the payment.

  1. Find a Wechatpay agency in your country . so many of them out there. but make sure it has a good rate and reputation.
  2. We will connect your payment gateway with WeChat Mini Program.
  3. Chinese buy your product with RMB, You will receive money with local currency. for example, USD.


You ship the products with your favorite logistic provider like DHL.

We will sync the shipping status to the Wechat platform and notify Chinese customers. they can read it at Wechat.

You should know text message is expensive and Chinese customers don’t use email so much. so Wechat notifications are probably the best way to communicate with Chinese customers.


  • Sure you wanna have direct contact with your customers, a real-time chat must-have.  just enable online chatting functions. also if you don’t speak Chinese don’t worry, Wechat already has the translate function. but we don’t recommend you use this way as customer service. Cause you can’t have this customer’s Wechat ID.
  • So in China, most of the sellers just create a real WeChat account, leave the WeChat QR code on the website.  to add all the customers as a friend. so you can keep sharing the poster to them.
  • Marketing at the Wechat ecosystem actually much easier than other channels. but remember. must have shared and reword functions.



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