What does adjusting Magento to China mean?

Magento is great. But if you want to use it in the Chinese market, Magento localization for China is necessary. What services do we offer that are specially made for the Chinese market?

Style & design

Design always matters, and especially in China. The Chinese are getting more and more demanding in terms of design, our tastes are very different from that of people from Western countries. Our perception of colors is very special and we attach a great importance to it. An elegant design tailored to Chinese tastes is thus crucial and will help engage your customers.
So here is what we do:
  • Magento with a Chinese design and development
  • We give you a western back-end (magento), and a Chinese front end.

Special functionalities

As you know, the Chinese market is very special. Due to its particularities, the following steps are fundamental to satisfy Chinese customers:
  • Pre-input Chinese provinces and major cities to speed up check-out process
  • Billing process in line with Chinese practices (we don’t shop with credit cards so we don’t have a billing address for example).
  • Invoice (“Fapiao”) generation. Being able to obtain an invoice for any purchase is extremely important in China. You cannot skip this step.
  • Custom translation for the Chinese market (we will translate everything instead of using the default Magento translation which is frankly quite terrible).


China currently has more than ten payment gateway providers. The most popular ones are Alipay, Wechat pay and Union pay. Union pay is less popular these days as most payments are now done through a mobile phone, a trend that Union Pay has had some problems keeping up with.
 There are other payment gateway providers such as “kuaiqian”, “baidu wallet”, “yeepay”, “JD pay”. But right now, just Alipay and WeChat pay cover more than 95% of online shoppers, so our focus is on these payment services.
Added to the fact that there are different providers, each payment solution provides many different ways of paying, which can be confusing. To make it simple for you, here is what we provide:
  • Alipay integration for PC
    • Alipay Scan payment getaway: customers will scan a QR code which enables direct payment through Alipay. Scanning QR codes is the most popular way of paying in China right now.
    • Alipay classic payment getaway (traditional payment gateway)
  • Alipay mobile integration
    • Mobile phone version Alipay payment (jump to html5 version alipay)
    • Native Alipay app payment (redirection to native alipay payment)
  • Wechat pay integration
    • WeChat web payment (QR code scan payment for PC users)
    • WeChat native payment (redirection to WeChat pay through your store)

Social network integration

We provide a full integration to all the most popular social networks in China: Weibo, WeChat friends, QQ zone.
  • WeChat
    • Wechat friends sharing
    • Wechat timeline sharing
  • Sharing on Weibo (equivalent of twitter in China)
    • sharing on weibo
    • login with weibo account

Contact us

These are the main functionalities we provide that are specifically made for the Chinese localization of your website. There are of course many others, do not hesitate to ask us if you have any ideas in mind.
Please leave a comment or contact us directly by e-mail or by scanning the QR code below if you have any questions or comments.

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