Display and sell your products in the most famous locations in Shanghai

Popup stores are a great way of showing your product in the real world. The customers can actually touch and try on your product. Wudi can help display your products in many locations in Shanghai.  We only choose the most trendy locations such as WeWork, Curves, W hotel, Vlab. The people who frequent these places are the opinion leaders of China.

Why Shanghai?

1. Firstly, we are located in Shanghai, so we can manage your offline popup store campaigns.

2. Secondly, Shanghai is a very special city in China and in the world. It is the most stylish and modern city in China. All the foreign companies choose Shanghai as their starting city. Shanghainese welcome foreign brands, and most importantly they are the spearhead of fashion in China. If the Shanghainese like your product, China is yours.


WeWork is the most famous coworking space around the world.

W Hotel

W hotel is a very fancy hotel brand


Curves is a female only yoga studio, Top level in Shanghai


Vlab is the most expensive gym in Shanghai.

People square

People Square is a coworking space group and a tech company.


Xintiandi is the must go destination for travelers in Shanghai