WeChat advertising group filtering rules

When you do WeChat ads, you can target your potential customer based on those conditionals:

Behavioral interest / Someone like game or sport. and what they have done recently.

Age, gender, Education, Marriage status, Working status / Wechat know you more then yourself.

operating system / Very useful when you promoting an APP

New device user / You can remind someone changes a new phone.

Equipment prices / Apple users may willing to pay more buy stuff.

Networking method / If your ads are Video, you definitely need to choose 4G network.

Mobile operators / Some business guy only like China mobile.

Dressing index / Very useful for selling clothing.

UV index / Very useful for selling Cosmetics or sunglasses

Makeup index / Very useful for selling Cosmetics

Meteorological / If you are selling an umbrella, you gonna need this.

Temperature /  China is big, summer or winter could happen at the same time in China.

App installation / If someone happened installed an APP from your competitor, he may be is your client as well.

Consumption status / If someone spent a lot of money on shopping, will you like him?

Paying users / Some Chinese have a habit of paying for anything.

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