WeChat mini-programs and mobile apps are the way to go in China

Use our world-leading IT infrastructure: the Mobile App + Wechat Mini Program + Progressive web application to help your business. Running on the most advanced cloud service cluster, the renewable, evolving next-generation enterprise level product.

WeChat mini-programs
Apple Apps
Android apps

Unlimited possibilities

This is what you can expect for the development of your Wechat mini program, mobile app and web page

Product search and filtering

Content display module

Realtime messaging module

You users can chatting with each-other

Twitter + Timeline

Powerful social functions, like follow, share, like, timeline etc.

Social login and share

easily to share on social network and login with social network

Review and leave message

users can interactive with each-others, review, leave message, discuss etc.


Users can upload videos, radios, images, and share them.

Real-time live stream

live stream, with thousands users no delay.

Location based Innovation

work with maps, make your ideas real.


Based on the advanced advantages of the Chinese Internet, the technologies and infrastructure we use are world-class.

Ultra high performance
High-speed access worldwide, no delay, no stuck.
Same experience everywhere
Our APPs, (IOS, Android) WeChat program, Web, has a the same user experience.
Sign up once, login everywhere
Registration once, login everywhere, Do the action at one user view, all the user view changes
Full channel notifications
APP notification, email notification, SMS notification, batch or single point, whatever you want.


Different from the traditional performance and quality exchange rate of traditional outsourcing companies, our development philosophy is: keep up with the trend of Internet technology development, always use the most advanced technology architecture, and never sacrifice quality. We deeply understand that our customers are either startups or new projects of big companies. If we don't follow the technology tide, we will face the failure of the market, and the success of our customers will bring us success.


North America second hand community
A small program focusing on overseas Chinese second-hand transactions.
Home Supplies newbie
A shopping APP focusing on home supplies items
Soso fast delivery
Convenience store express delivery service