Good news, Chinese Cross-border E-commerce new policy since 2019

The Chinese government has launched a new policy for cross-border e-commerce since 2019

1 Chinese can buy more from you.

The single transactions limited from 2,000RMB (around US$300)  to 5000 RMB (around US$727)

Yearly transactions limited from 20000RMB(around US$ 3000 ) to 26000RMB (around US$3782)

That means for a single order. tariff exemption limited now is 5000RMB!

For example:  if you are selling something with a high valuation, like a luxury bag, You can directly sell to China online now.

2 Many of the new type of products allowed to sell online directly to China.

Beer, fitness equipment, nursing electronics and many more others now allowed to sell directly to China.

3 Your biggest competitors “Cross-border buyer” has been confirmed is illegal.

“Products purchased by cross-border e-commerce cannot be sold twice”. That means the Chinese cross-border buyers are illegal. Chinese customer will have to buy from platforms or your store directly.


The Chinese government has clearly stated its attitude to support the development of cross-border e-commerce.


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