What makes Wudi’s team so special

We know China is the factory of the world. There are millions of OEM factories out here. Most of them have a dream, selling to the customers directly. When they came to us, they only had one goal: that their website actually brings them orders, not just sit there being fancy and gathering dust.

How does that work? They have no brand, no channel, no marketing experience, they don’t even speak English.

This is a difficult situation that forced us to perform very well with SEO and value every single visitor.

We keep improving ourselves, from a pure development team to a full stack agency that mastered SEO, User Experience, and E-commerce strategies. We strive to put our clients’ stores at the top on search engines and optimize the conversion rate from the available traffic.

We have been offering E-commerce services for 8 years now and still going. Hundreds of small startups have succeeded with us.

As a Chinese background company, we know what we are good at it and we know what is the most important thing.

Choose us today!

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