Two models to sell in China

There are two ways to sell to China. Cross-border and in-country. the biggest difference is if you have a warehouse and company in China.


You don’t have a self-own warehouse in China, means you need shipping from overseas. and you don’t have a Chinese registered company,  so you can’t join Tmall, JD mainland but only can join Tmall international and JD international.

But this model is lean, save money as well. You can use it in the beginning.

Wudi Offer you the temporary warehouse for returned and hot sell products.

Wudi also helps you with customer service. those services gonna help you a lot at some point.



Since you ensure your products are welcome in China, You should move to China, set up a Company here, and running like others Chinese e-commerce company. this model will bring your business to another level. this helps you make the real profit.


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