Synchronize your products to Chinese E-commerce platforms

We pull all your items from your current online store (or ERP if applicable), then translate them to Chinese, then sync all the items to all the Chinese E-commerce platforms that you choose.

This sounds easy but it is not. We need to do more than that.

1. We use an AI-powered translate engine to turn your language into Chinese:

  • The AI-powered translate engine is better than Google translate because some Chinese characters for E-commerce can be different. Even in their meaning is the same, E-commerce has its own language in China.
  • We manually set some translate rules based on your language and products to make it more local and easy to understand by Chinese consumers.
  • We know that Tmall or JD is actually just like Amazon. But we still need to make sure your listing has the keywords and meta descriptions that match the platforms’ requirements. Tmall and JD have different rules. Our programmers will take care of it. That is how you get free traffic.
  • Most E-commerce product content is listed data, the AI translator will work fine.

2. Just using AI is not enough, we also need human involvement:

  • We need humans to match the specific attributes with the platform and make sure they are correct.
  • For long sentences or paragraph, human editing is necessary.

3. Description template: The biggest difference between doing E-commerce in China and in Western countries is the product description. So many foreigners companies fail on this.

  • Our designers manually make a description framework. Including brand introduction, shipping process, company information, policy etc. This will make your listing clear and trustworthy.
  • Our program generates a specific product description for each item and make the images and content elegant, beautiful and attractive.

So you see, we do not simply translate your items into Chinese, we make them look like professional E-commerce item listings that will be able to convert views into orders.

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